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Terms & conditions  is a premium website which helps the prospective wedding couples to connect with the best vendors  for the services they require to make their big day more memorable and enjoyable for the couple and guests. We also help the vendors to get their business and show their skills and capabilities they are expert at. We serve as the best platform which connects the best  vendors with the prospective clients.

While using the services of whether as a user or a visitor, you agree to be bound by the agreement of the organization which includes the terms and conditions of the website and strict adherence to all the privacy policies that our website have.

Terms and conditions


  1. Registration 

If you want to avail the services of, you need to register with us by creating your profile. Then you can view and edit your profile, create and access your reminders and write the reviews as well. For getting registered with you need to provide a valid email address which will be used as a unique identifier for your account and for future communication also. You will have a password for your account as well.


     2. Services void where prohibited

The services will not be valid where it is prohibited legally. By using the services you warrant that you will be abided by the terms and conditions of the agreement.


      3. Acceptance and acknowledgments 

You need to accept and acknowledge all the terms and conditions of the website, then you will be able to get all the services that are offered by us. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the agreement, you should not continue with the website. You must read the agreement thoroughly and indicate your acceptance during the submission process. After accepting, you are accountable with all our terms and conditions and clauses that are mentioned here. 


      4. Users’ content and infringed material 

The content which is posted by you is your sole responsibility. We do not control the quality of the content posted at your end therefore we are not liable for the accuracy, integrity and errors of your content under any circumstances. You also grant and authorize the website to distribute, display, modify, download and print the whole or part of the content you posted on You need to warrant that the content you have posted is your own and is not copied and has sufficient rights on it and is not violating any others’ privacy and is not infringing material.


       5. Copyright policy

You should not post or upload the content which is owned and controlled by someone else without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner. In case, you find that your data or content is copied and used by someone else without your consent then you can take action after proving it. You may need to submit documents like a written statement which can prove that your content is infringed. 


        6. Prohibited content has the right in its sole authority to determine whether user content is appropriate or not. We can remove any content without notice or liability to you, which is inappropriate.  The list of unacceptable content is as follows:--

Content that brings harassment and criticism to any business or to another person.

Content that is threatening or includes unethical, offensive, abusive language.

Content that is password protected and promotes illegal activity. 

Content that is related to any adult website.

Content that is uploaded for commercial purposes.


       7. Security respects the privacy and security of its clients.  The information about yourself that is given by you will be private and will not be affiliated by any third party.  Though, you are solely responsible for keeping your password a secret. You are liable for all the activities that occur in your account. If you notice any breach in your account, you must notify through an email immediately. You will be accountable for any unauthorized use of the services of through your account. While registering if you have provided any fake information and it is proved then we have all the rights to terminate your account without any notification.


       8. Customers

While using you agree that you will not use its services for illegal purposes or even not to disrupt or interfere with the networks connected to and will not violate the policies and procedures of the website. Customers need to accept that they are only visiting and using this platform to obtain information about different vendors and to book if they consider it appropriate according to their needs and choices. will not be liable for any issues that may arise in the future between you and your chosen vendor. In case a customer shares their photographs and videos with us for being featured on our platform, such material should be related and owned by the customer only. can reuse and repost the material.