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Capturing the most precious moments of life and saving them for eternity to cherish is what every couple desires. Photographs are the manifestation of love, the knot that a couple ties on their wedding. We know what you are expecting from a photographer, so we have brought the best photographers across India from each city to help you choose from the top most services. You just need to choose the category of photographers and select the city you are in, a list of vendors from your area will show up then choose from the never ending list of photographers. - Wedding Photography at your doorstep

Weddings are the most beautiful and sacred moment for two people who are going to start a new journey with each other. This day marks the beginning of their new journey and their family, friends and relatives witness this auspicious day. Everyone cherishes these moments for their lifetime and the best way to remember is to look at the wedding photographs which would take you to those days. You expect from your photographer to capture those crucial moments for you that you want to adore for the rest of your life, for that you need a reliable photographer on whom you can put your trust that they won’t leave any moment uncaptured.

We have the handpicked photographers from different cities, all accumulated on one platform for you.

Types of wedding photography

We would give you a list of wedding photograph styles that our professionals will provide you. Go through all of them so that you know what exactly you want for your wedding and tell your photographer to consider your choice and follow it.

  • Traditional Wedding Photography - This style predominates the poses and portrait images of the couple and the family members on stage and at specially designed places.
  • Artistic Wedding Photography - It involves the creativity combined with special lightning and angles integrated with special elements of nature and the surroundings.
  • Editorial Wedding Photography - This has the photographs of the bride and the groom clicked individually and together posed as models and it can be inspired from any magazine or photoshoot according to your choice.
  • Documentary (Candid) Wedding Photography - Unlike the other genres, it does not include posing but real emotions are captured randomly during the ceremonies.
  • Aerial Wedding Photography - Using drones to click pictures to get aerial shots is the latest trend and you must not miss it.
  • Destination Wedding Photography - Choosing a destination at mountains, lakes or beaches to get dazzling backgrounds.

Now you know what you are getting from our photographers, so choose from the list that you want for your wedding and manifest the dream wedding that you have always coveted.

How to choose the right wedding photographer?

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding it is a hectic task as he must fulfill all your aspirations. Everyone has many plans for their big day and they desire to make every moment perfect and the most important, capturing those precious moments with their beauty in it and only a professional photographer can do that.

You must put your expectations before the photographer and check whether your preferences match the photographer’s professional style. Fix the budget prior and then choose yours that fits in that. Do check your package and the offers that it has in it. See if it includes the edited images, edited videos, albums and others and discuss the expenses that it will cost.

Research well, choose the professionals that you have nearest to your locality or your wedding destination and then shortlist them according to your budget. Make an appointment or call them and discuss the styles of photography you want, you can choose from the above given list. Look for your requirements and choose which best fits your needs and gives you best offers.

If you are confused about what will be best for your wedding then contact us now and get the expert advice from our professionals.

Who is a professional photographer?

A professional photographer knows your expectations and understands your beliefs. The proficient one can only tell you what are the latest trends to follow for your wedding, and advise you on the right arrangements to get the perfect shots.

  • Experience in Photography : Make sure the photographer you are choosing has several years of experience whose clients are satisfied with the work. You can ask for his previous wedding shoot pictures and see if the photographs match your wishes of your dream wedding.
  • Creativity : A true photographer can create art out of anything who is passionate about his work to make the perfect shot. He will capture all the precious moments from the wedding with all the angles making it look perfect for you.
  • No Hindrance at all : A professional always keeps you at ease and never interrupts the normal flow of the ceremony. He would be able to take that crucial shot with all the emotions in it without tampering it and capturing all those candid pictures.
  • Plans for you : From the entrance of the bride to the rituals and farewell, a professional plans everything by bearing in mind your wedding destination, locality and the theme of your wedding. Plans are not made perfect but its execution and practical approach makes it impeccable so that you can admire your wedding photographs for the rest of your life.
  • Good Staff and support system : A team which is helpful, manages everything and even gets the right thing for you is a blessing because they provide the perfect lightning, guide you during clicks where to look and how to smile. They are basically the rescue team that make you achieve your wedding goals with their skills.

To get a professional photographer near your locality and your wedding destination, you just need to select your city in the list and a list of professional photographers will pop up on your screen. You can choose the photographer according to your budget and the style you are preferring for your wedding.

Things to discuss with your photographer

You should firstly discuss the budget that you have and then go for further deliberations like the theme, the style and the wedding props that you need to click your dream pictures so that nothing is missing on the big day. Let your photographer know about your expectations and tell what kind of pictures you want for your consecutive ceremonies. Discuss your suggestions and also listen to what the photographer has for you and then plan all the activities accordingly.

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