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Each and every couple looks for a videographer who is talented, experienced and has the knowledge of different styles and latest trends along with advanced equipment and trained staff. Look no further to get all this in your services when you are choosing from, we have a whooping bunch of vendors who are best in their profession. Rely on the best to make your wedding videography, the moments of dream. Select your city and go through the list to select the videographers who meet your expectations.

Wedding Videographers – Record your most precious moments with us

Wedding is the most wonderful day in one’s life that marks the beginning of a new life. You live those moments to the fullest and try to enjoy every bit of it. And later, everyone cherishes those moments through pictures and videos which makes the videography and photography very important. You want every moment to be recorded so that you can see each and every part later and feel those emotions again that makes your heart beat faster. These emotions attached with those precious moments make the responsibility of videography even more important. not only understands your emotions but also knows how to make your expectations turn into reality. You will find the most talented and skilled videographers here who are passionate for their projects and work hard to deliver the best of themselves.

You just need to select your city from the list or you can search it on the search bar and a list of videographers will be made available to you. Now you can choose from the multiple options displayed that best suits your aspirations.

Types of videography

In today’s date, there are multiple styles available and never-ending options to choose from but we know what is best for you which would make your wedding day even more special. Here is a list of most popular styles of videography to choose from.

· Artistic Videography – This you can also call as free style videography in which there is no fixed pattern or format to shoot the video but to record the videos as the rituals go on. These uncut videos of the ceremonies are then presented in a very artistic way after editing.

·  Journalistic Videography Style – This is more like a documentary which presents your love life like a story. All the ceremonies are narrated like a tale and are told to everyone with the details of the date and the timings.

·  Cinematic Videography style – It requires the advanced knowledge of editing software as this style creates your wedding video like a movie. It is similar to journalistic videography but contains dramatic effect after editing to create the visual effects.

· Storytelling Videography – It is the most difficult style of videography as it contains the story telling of the whole video shot by a person close to the couple only or the videographer makes arrangements himself for that. It requires hard work the most.

·  Highlights Videography – Unlike traditional video making, it only contains the highlights of the whole wedding shoot and is shorter than the original video. Videographer chooses the highlight shot himself or you can also instruct him for the highlights that you want for the streamline video.

· Pre Wedding Shoot – Now all the couples prefer to make a pre wedding shoot by making a music video or by clicking a series of pictures from the destination video shoot. Pre wedding shoot is the new trend and you must include this in your list to make your wedding moments more adorable.

Along with these most trending video styles, the videographers also have their own video making styles and if you have your own thoughts and some styles in your mind then do share your thoughts with your wedding videographer and our videographers will make sure that they satisfy your expectations.

How to choose the professional

Browse well through the given results of your search on so that you don’t miss any good services. Go through all the services provided by the Videographers and compare the services on

Make an appointment on call or in person to discuss so that you know exactly what you are expecting and if the videographers’ skills match your preferences then continue with discussion regarding other specifications.

Do tell your thoughts and also listen to the expert because they know what style will match your venue, theme of the wedding and the decoration. Don’t forget to show them the venue so that they plan accordingly.

Things to discuss before booking a Videographer

Fixing the budget should be your first and foremost step before booking the videographer for you. Choose your videographers from the list on and then discuss what responsibilities you want to give them.

Decide which responsibilities you are giving them and what ceremonies they are going to cover. Choose if you want to make your pre wedding shoot with your wedding videographer after going through all the features.

Now discuss the payments in accordance with the services you are trying to avail and choose the one who is providing the best services to you that you are expecting.

Discuss all the advance payments that you have to make and cancellation policies that they have.

Ask if they have the drones for aerial photography and latest equipment to take the best shots.

In case the videographer has to travel for your destination's wedding or pre wedding shoot then decide who will bear the cost of the travel and other expenses of their stay.

Make sure all the terms and conditions are well understood before making the deal because everything has to be perfect for your dream wedding.

See how many skilled staff members they have to set the lightning and other equipment.

Don't forget to ask about the length of the video according to the videography style. Discuss how many cameras they will be using to cover all the angles and how much time they will take to deliver the final edited clip and the format of delivery too.

We value your wishes and thrive to provide the best services across the country with our handpicked services.


What are the latest trends to be followed for wedding videography?

Our experts have all the knowledge of what's trending and what would suit your customs and traditions. If you have some ideas of yours then you can share too with the videographer.

Where and how can I compare all the videographers?

You can look for your city in and choose from the list that will appear. You can compare all the videographers and the services they are providing by making calls or meeting in person.

What would be the cost of hiring a wedding videographer?

It varies according to the services you are availing. The prices would go up on account of latest equipment used, number of staff members and number of ceremonies you are hiring them for.

How will I receive the videos?

You can tell your choice whether you want it on a drive or hard disk or if there are any other methods available. Then do ask it from the videographer himself.

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