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Planning a whole wedding right from the beginning requires a lot of effort, knowledge and expertise to organise everything. It includes taking care of decoration, music, catering, venue, managing staff and a lot of other tasks to make a wedding fulfilling. So for the complete wedding planning, you can rely on our professionals whom we have chosen from all across India. So select your city in the options and book your favourite wedding planner from the list.

Wedding Planners - Your Complete Wedding guide

In earlier times, the wedding was managed by the parents and the relatives collectively. They used to manage the whole wedding on their own and usually were not able to get enough time to enjoy one of the most incredible moments of their lives. Sometimes even the couple used to get engaged into the planning that they themselves used to welcome the guests and ensure if they are comfortable. The stress of making all the arrangements perfectly drains a person and the most beautiful moments of your life are skipped which we are sure you don’t want to in your case. So here comes the role of a wedding planner who can arrange everything for you, starting from the welcoming of guests, helping them to settle to the catering services and setting up the stage. They can arrange everything on your demand. Whatever work you will assign them, they will make sure that they work according to what you have already planned so that you can enjoy the wedding completely without worrying about what the catering service is doing or if any guest needs anything.


Types of Wedding planners

Wedding planners will arrange whatever you want them to and you don’t have to look into that department during the wedding as the vendors will be on duty there to bring ease and ensure perfect execution of the plan.

•Full Wedding Planner - Looking for a full wedding planner who can plan the theme for your wedding, the setting of the stage, managing the stay of guests, catering services and deciding menu, decoration, music and parties. A full wedding planner discusses with you everything prior and then executes everything without disturbing you later and you can live every moment of your wedding with your family. 

•Partial Wedding planner – When you are already managing some of the stuff and want to just hand over some of the responsibilities then you can go for the partial wedding planners who will manage some of the work and rest what you think you can do, you can continue with your work.

•Coordinator – if you think you would do all the work by yourself but just want a coordinator to make all the things work on time and help you with the things like to coordinate your photographer with the entry of the couple, inform the banquet hall, organize the DJ for you etc.

•Consultant – Some people decide to make the arrangements on their own but just want advice on the choice of banquet halls, decoration or the catering to get the knowledge of marketing services available to get the best then you can just choose to have a consultant.

So now you have all the options available, if you don’t have enough time to manage everything and have a good budget then you can go for the full wedding planner. But if you have enough time to plan and to organize everything then you can go for a partial wedding planner, coordinator or just the consultant according to your budget.


How to choose a wedding planner?

A magnificent and beautiful wedding is a dream for the couple and their families. Choosing a right wedding planner can fulfill all those dreams that you have desired but the choice of a wedding planner whose expertise do not match your expectations might do the reverse.

Starting from the research, you should first find the best wedding planners near you in your city. For that, you can select your city on our website and you will be able to see the most experienced and handpicked wedding planners of your locality. You can filter the wedding planners according to your choice and budget and then you can call them one by one and know what offers they have for you.

After the discussion and explaining to them your preferences, you can decide which wedding planner has the most similar taste who can turn your thoughts into reality.

Qualities of a professional Wedding planner

Professionals are aware of what is the most recent trend and themes which are gravitating currently, arrange the most suitable theme for your traditions which will sync in your culture and even show you the filtered list of banquet halls and destinations for your wedding according to your choice. They would tell which menu is most relevant for your traditional marriage and from where to get it. 

So basically, a wedding planner is a complete package for you as the caterer, the DJ, the event organizer, decorator and much more.

You just need to look for the wedding planner on our list who completely suits your aspirations and who offers all the services you are looking for and plan your dream wedding with them.

Therefore, hiring a professional is better than doing everything on your own, if you are doing it alone or with your family members, still there is a chance that you might skip something and you may get too busy assembling and coordinating that you won’t get any time to cherish the moments. So, leave this work to the professionals who are in this field for years. 

They have a team of people who are skilled in organizing everything on time and coordinating with each other.

Do you have your own catering service or coordinating agencies – You must need to know how your wedding planner works. If he works with different agencies to organize everything or has its own services to offer.

Who is the decorator? – Know who is going to implement the theme of your wedding that you have decided as you need to coordinate if you want any change in the flowers, bouquets or anything else.

Who will welcome the guests? – Make it crystal clear with your planner that who is going to attend the guests on the entrance and the guests who are staying with you. You need to make sure that no guest of yours is getting any trouble in finding comfort.

Pricing of Wedding Planner – Discuss it prior and finalize the responsibilities you will give and decide the cost according to the services you are taking from them.

Staff members – Know if your wedding planner has its own staff to work or they hire vendors outside their company to work in the wedding.

Sort all Confusions – If it’s the first time that a wedding is happening in your family and you don’t know from where to start and how to go for it then get your complete guide from our Wedding Planners and choose from the options available now.

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