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The wedding starts with the decoration of home and lighting up everything. The home itself should be decorated like a bride. Everything must look perfect and all the decoration must go with the theme. It requires expertise in this field and experience of several years to execute the wedding as the couple wants. We have a list of wedding decorating professionals who are working for years and are well versed with the regional traditions that you follow so you expect perfection in our work. So select the best wedding decorators in your area now.


Wedding Decorators - Decorate your dream wedding with us

The first thing we start preparing when the wedding date comes close is decorating the house, it's interior and the entrance. After decoration only it starts feeling that the most special day of your life is near. We are sure that you must be having some plans regarding what kind of flowers you want on your stage during all the ceremonies, the colours you want for your curtains. Decoration is the most essential part of your wedding as the surroundings have to look beautiful and magnificent with your grand wedding.

The flowers have to match with the theme and the extra accessories you want for your banquet hall or the destination wedding. The dazzling flowers, the central attraction of chandelier, the candles on the sides, round mandap decorated with flowers, all this needs to look flawless and should complement your ceremonies and rituals to give it the grand look.

Services by the decorators

Decoration is the main element of the wedding and different decorators provide different services. Decide what services you are expecting from your decorator and if you are confused about the specifications that you would be needing then no worries as has listed all the important details related to the wedding decoration to help you.

  • Indoor Decoration - Your wedding venue whether it is in Banquet halls, palaces or for
     the ceremonies which will occur at your home, you need to make sure you know what kind of decoration is required for all these. But if you do not have the knowledge then our decorators will show you the different options available and will tell you about the specifications.
  • Outdoor Decorations – For this, you need to decide with our wedding planner what kind of mandap you want for the wedding, whether you want a centre staged arrangement, a long path leading to the mandap, the type of entrance, design of mandap and all the other props that will be needed for the wedding.
  • Ceremonies involved – You need to guide your decorator for the ceremonies you want the decoration for, whether you want the same decoration for all the ceremonies or you want to change it according to the customs and rituals. Also, ask from your decorator for the offers and discount you can have for decorating during all the rituals.
  • Collaboration with the venue owner or the wedding planner – Sometimes the wedding planners only provide the services of the decoration along with all the arrangements but you can also opt for other agencies to do the work. The banquet hall owners also provide these services. It is completely your choice to get all these together or you want to opt for separate vendors for all that.

Things to discuss with your Decorator

Wedding decoration is not just about setting flowers or arrangements of seats but organizing everything in the best possible way to make it look like a royal palace and to witness the magnificent wedding.

· Natural Flowers or Artificial – It completely depends upon your choice. You can get the natural flowers to get the nature’s fragrance in the wedding. For the artificial flowers, the decorators would dispense the simulated aroma throughout the area to provide the essence of nature.

· Lightning – What kind of lightning is most suitable for the wedding, is a common question because the lights must compliment the couple and should highlight the colour of their outfit. If you have the idea of the lights then you can guide the decorator otherwise choose from the best options that the decorator will give you.

·The perfect Stage – the centre of attraction for the wedding is the stage where the couple sits and all the relatives and friends come to greet them and click photographs. It has to look the finest of all.

·Sitting Arrangement – Choose whether the guests will sit in a row with their tables in front of them or around a circular table and how many chairs has to be around one table. Discuss it all like how many chairs you want close to the table of the couple and how many extras you need in case there arises any necessity.

· Entrance Gate – The decoration of the entrance is very important. What shape you want for the entrance gate and how you want to decorate them, should there be flowers or just be covered with the curtains, it has to be finalized with due deliberations.

· Other Accessories – Do you want candles and bulbs for the lightening beauty? Should there be a chandelier above the stage? Should there be additional coverings for the floor or the carpet is enough?

All these discussions have to be held before booking so that you can imagine a clear picture in your mind and make sure the decorator is providing all that you were expecting.


Will the decorator also decorate home for the ceremonies?

You have to ask this from your decorator and discuss all the responsibilities before booking to avoid any confusion later.

Will I get theme based decorations for the wedding near my location?

Yes, you can definitely get the decorators who will do decorations according to the theme available, near your location. You just need to select your city on and a list of decorators will pop up who are well experienced in their work to fulfil your expectations.

What to ask from the decorator before booking?

You should finalize the responsibilities you are giving and the cost for all the services. For specifications, you can refer to the list given above because we have given a detailed list of things that are necessary to discuss.

What is the cost of wedding decoration?

It depends on how many functions you are hiring the decorator and how many extra props you are using. The more maintenance it would require during the ceremony to keep all the things looking perfect, the prices would automatically go up.

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