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Mehndi forms an intrinsic part of the bride’s beauty and ornaments. It gives the color of love and commitment to the bride and is considered a symbol of loyalty. We understand how valuable and important it is for the bride to fulfil the look. All our mehndi artists are experienced and are experts in various arts and creative forms of mehndi. You can choose the artists according to the mehndi style that you want to opt for. Choose from the list of professionals after selecting your city and book your profession.


Mehndi Artists

Mehndi is an integral part of the bridal look that maintains its authenticity and is considered a very sacred form of art that is considered very special for the bond between the couple and their love.

Mehndi is the most beautiful art to make a bride look beautiful. This tradition has been followed in India for years and it is growing more with time. Various styles have been formed to satisfy the bride and to complement her attire and jewelry.

Mehndi artists are usually booked in two categories –

1.      Bridal Mehndi – This package is exclusively for the bride for her hands, arms and legs. Different designs and motifs are used to make it even more special.

2.      Mehndi for Guests – Along with the bride, the bridesmaid and other guests also want mehndi designs for themselves to look beautiful and enjoy the moments at the fullest.

Types of Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a very special ritual for a bride that fills her with joy and happiness. Its authenticity and beauty make it very distinct, which urges mehndi artists to come up with new designs to fulfill the aspirations of the bride.

. Traditional Mehndi – They are always in trend and go with the traditional attire very nicely. It includes floral designs with peacock motifs and other wavy designs on it.

. Arabic Designs – It is very close to the traditional design as it has floral designs in it with concentric circles and peacock motifs but the size of designs is bigger and it has more spacings in between.

. Minimalist Mehndi – Today many brides prefer to keep it minimal as it gives more broader designs and is rich in more patterns and compositions. Mehndi artists can make different kinds of designs in this type.

. Western Mehndi Designs – Instead of very fine and intricate designs, it moreover has tattoo style with patches of designs all over hand with spaces between them.

Apart from these, you can ask for a mixture of all these given above according to your choice. You can get your personalized design, all on your demands because after all it's your day.

Things to see before booking a Mehndi Artist

Mehndi is an integral element of all the rituals and your beauty in your wedding which has to look splendid. You must be looking for an expert who can make your design unique based on your interests. So here are the things that you must consider before you are finalizing your mehndi artist.

·         Finalize your budget first and then look for mehndi artists in your budget.

·         Check the pictures of mehndi designs from the previous clients.

·         Do not go for an artist who has bookings other than yours on the same day.

·         Ask about the mehndi they are going to use, its composition and the number of days it lasts.

·         Ask about their specialty in designs.

·         See all the packages they have for the bride as well as the guests.

·         Do try to get reviews from clients or social media to get a better idea.

·         And most importantly, book your mehndi artist in time because all the professionals get booked instantly especially if it is a wedding season.

Now that you know which design to choose and how to pick the perfect mehndi artist for you, it is time to look for one. So, select your city from the options and a list of mehndi artists in your area will come.

So now you can choose from multiple options with varying packages.

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