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Mehndi Artists

Mehndi Artists in delhi (4)

Every bride wants her mehndi to be done by a professional who can truly make the colors on her hands shine in front of all and make her look the most beautiful on her wedding day. We take care of your expectations and we know what you are expecting from mehndi artists so we have listed the best mehndi artists in Delhi for you who have their own different creative talents. You can check their profile and choose who you think will prove to be the best for you.


Mehndi Artists

Mehndi is a sacred ritual that is followed in all wedding ceremonies and forms a structural part of our Indian tradition. It holds a very special place in a couple’s heart as it manifests the symbol of love between two people. It is the art of putting your creativity on your hands and legs to make them look beautiful and embrace a bride’s beauty.

Along with that it has various benefits to the bride as it gives cooling effect, reduces stress and gives resistance for some viral diseases also. So it has its traditional as well as medicinal importance for a bride that makes it more significant.

Mehndi artists are usually booked in two categories.

1. Bridal Mehndi – It gives service solely to the bride, applied on her hands, arms and legs. It comprises various designs and motifs.

2. Mehndi for guests and bridesmaids – Different mehndi artists provide various packages that includes discounted offers if you avail services for your guests and bridesmaids also along with bridal mehndi.


Different Types of Mehndi Designs

Various designs have been developed over time by the mehndi artists to fulfill the aspirations of the bride and to satisfy them. Some artists opt for fusion of different designs on demand and even show their creativity on the spot if you ask so.

. Traditional Mehndi Design – It has been followed by our mehndi artists for years and they are passing this art to new artists also which is keeping this design alive. IT usually goes with the traditional attire and traditional jewelry giving it an elegant look overall.

It includes various floral motifs and peacock designs with other wavy designs.

. Arabic Design – It is quite similar to the traditional floral designs and peacock motifs with concentric circles all along but the major difference is that Arabic designs are much larger and bold in size and have more spacing between them.

. Western Mehndi Designs – It is contrary to the traditional designs that fill the spaces. Western mehndi designs are more like a tattoo style that makes patches of designs all over having wide spacing with them.

. Minimalist Mehndi Designs – This design focuses more on the designs which are rich in creativity and motifs and occupy less space overall. You can choose any design and ask to keep it minimal.

These above designs are the most chosen ones by the bride. But apart from this, if you have any other demand or preference, you can surely share it with your mehndi artist and ask for the same.

Things to ponder over before booking a mehndi artist

You surely don’t want to delay things on your ceremony, so decide about the details of mehndi prior with your mehndi artist. When you will contact and book our experts, you will get the best options and advice that you really want for your wedding.

·Decide for your budget and choose the right mehndi artist that fits your budget.

· Ask for the pictures of mehndi designs from previous clients.

·Try to avoid any clashes with other clients and book artists who are taking only your booking for the day.

· Check their specialty in designs and then choose the one you like.

· If you have any preferences then share it with your mehndi artist.

· Do get the details for the composition of mehndi, its ingredients and about its results.

· Go through all the packages and offers they have for the bridesmaids as well as guests.

· Check their reviews from their website, accounts and on social media.

· Try to book your mehndi artist in time so that you get a professional early especially if it is the wedding season.

Now you are aware of all the mehndi designs, the key points that you must keep in mind before booking your artist and also the things that you should discuss with them, so it's time that you book your mehndi artist from the list given.

To choose your mehndi artist for a wedding, choose your location from the list and then shortlist the mehndi artists with whom you want to discuss.

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