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Wedding Decorators

Wedding Decorators in Mumbai (1)

The house, the wedding venue, the stage, the entrance and all the other things must be decorated like a bride itself and must look marvelous from all angles without any doubt. You must be looking for a decorator who is not only pocket friendly but also meets your expectations and is an expert in the theme that you are expecting on your wedding day. You can book vendors for the wedding only and for all ceremonies also according to your choice. You just need to select the decorator service that you want in Mumbai and a list of decorators will appear on the screen. Now you can choose easily from the multiple options.

Wedding Decorators Mumbai

Wedding vibes come from the decorations that uplift the beauty of surroundings and set the atmosphere for weddings. Wedding preparations start from the day the home is decorated. Flowers, lights, candles, curtains, stage etc. reflect the happiness and real feelings of the wedding.

But everything looks perfect only when everything is well organized with an exquisite combination of colors and lights that makes every moment memorable. Everything needs to look unblemished and go with your theme of the wedding.

Specialty of our decorators

Decoration is the main ingredient to make a wedding look lavishing and get candid pictures that last forever. You do not need to know all the specifications because our decorators are well trained and experienced in that. They have innumerable options for you to choose from.

· Indoor Decoration – Whether the wedding is set up at home or banquet halls, it needs to look the best for each function. You will be provided with various options and their pictures so that you can have a clear idea.

· Outdoor Decorations – if you are planning to set up your wedding at some outdoor location then you need to discuss the location and the kind of accessories that you will require to organize everything.

· Wedding Ceremonies – You need to decide whether you want the same decoration for each function or want variations for all the functions.

· Collaboration with the Wedding Planner – Some decorators are hired by wedding planners or they have their own team of wedding decorators who will take care of it.


Things that you must discuss with the wedding decorator

Initially, you need to discuss some necessary points regarding the decoration and decide for the final preparation and later on, you do not need to worry about anything as the decorators will take over this work and will execute before every function.

· You need to inform if you need natural and fresh flowers which will produce their own smell or artificial ones with the use of fragrance liquids.

· Stage is the centre of attraction for the wedding, which has to be the most beautiful thing at the wedding venue. Tell what shape, size, color and flowers you want with it so that the team can arrange it on time.

· Lighting is what keeps the soul of the function alive. Decide what kind of lightning you want for each function.

· Entrance gate has to be magnificent for the entry of the bride, groom and guests. It can be designed in various ways.

·  Sitting arrangement is very important for guests, you have to tell what kind of arrangement for chairs, tables is to be done and what decoration should be done on each of them.

·   If there are some extra accessories that you want to add in the wedding at a certain location then you should surely express that.

Other things that you need to see are that some wedding planners have this decoration package with them but you can also hire an individual vendor for it. Moreover, you can ask if the members of the team will be hired from some external agency or if they have their own team.

To know more about the wedding decorators, you can select your city and a list of decorators from your area will appear on the screen. You can make an appointment to meet or can discuss with them on call.

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