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Decorations tell us about the wedding and the royalty from which they belong. Our decorators are the best in Hyderabad who are providing the venue decorations as well as home decorations for all the ceremonies with royal elements in it to preserve its essence. We intend to give you the best by making all the best decorators of Hyderabad available to you. We have listed all of them on a single platform so that you get easy access to contact them. We have listed all the profiles with their prices, images, reviews and number for you to contact them directly via call and discuss the specifications.


Wedding Planner Chennai – Your complete Wedding Guide

The parents take the responsibility of the marriage of their children and take care of all the arrangements in the wedding whether it is a catering service, room for guests, decoration or other work. They make sure that their children’s wedding looks how they want it to be as this day only comes once in life and they want their children to enjoy every bit of it. We know the lavish weddings of Chennai where the enormous work exhausts the parents and they don’t even get to enjoy the functions and rituals. So, we make sure that you get time to enjoy the wedding as our wedding planner will take care of all the stuff. Our wedding planner will take care of all the specifications and arrangements and will get things ready in advance so that no function is delayed and everything is on time without you constantly cross-checking everything.


Types of Wedding Planner Chennai

Wedding planners will work according to the discussion that you held prior and then you would be free to enjoy the wedding without taking any stress from the work.

Different types of wedding planners that you can hire according to your convenience are –

· Full Wedding Planner – If you want the wedding planner to take care of all the responsibilities then you can hire the full wedding planner who will take care of every bit of the wedding and you can just be in the wedding functions without the work.

· Partial Wedding Planner – A partial wedding planner only takes care of the responsibilities that you give them. Suppose you can tell them to take care of the decorations and set up the venue or just handle the guests and their comfort according to your choice.

· Coordinator – if you want someone to coordinate all the work and to match all the arrangements together so that everything goes in sync to each other. To call the decorators, order a menu, inform the banquet hall etc.

· Consultant – If you are looking for a consultant who can guide you to decide on a venue, the decorators, catering services and other vendors. You can get the best marketing services available in your locality and choose according to your budget.


So now that you know the wedding planners in the market so you can choose the right one that suits your convenience.

How to choose a wedding planner?

To make the dream come true what a couple and their families want and if you get a perfect wedding planner for you who suits your expectations then nothing could be better than that. So choosing your wedding planner must be accompanied by a comprehensive research. We have a few tips for you that you can keep in mind while booking your wedding planner.

You should first find the best wedding planners in your locality that suits your budget and can fulfil your expectations. For this, you can shortlist some of the options and then call them one by one, discussing your plan or meet them personally and then decide by checking all the packages and discounts that they have to offer for you.

You can do all this on our website and compare different options among multiple choices.

Qualities of a Professional Wedding Planner

When you are planning to arrange by yourself then there might be a probability that you might skip anything, some item may skip from the list or you have to do the last-minute arrangement that might not be up to your expectations.

To avoid all the confusion and to arrange everything on time so that you get time for yourself and can enjoy the wedding.

A professional knows the latest trends in the wedding season, the ongoing modern methods and themes that you can opt for your wedding. Due to their experience, they know what kind of decoration will suit best for your tradition, the caterer who will provide all the items in the menu that you want.

You just tell them your expectations and they will find the most appropriate venue for you and book the DJ for the wedding. Get the most appropriate wedding planner for your dream wedding on and get thousands of options to choose from.

What to discuss with your Wedding Planner?

There are certain aspects that you need to clear before you book a wedding planner and have transparency with them.

· Do you have your own catering service? – Ask if the wedding planner has his own arrangements for everything or they take services from other vendors. Make it clear if the other coordinating services will be responsible for all the work or the wedding planner himself.

· Who is going to decorate the venue? – Know about the decoration and make it clear about the person or servicer responsible for the decoration work and how they are going to coordinate with each other.

· Handling the guests – Decide who will take care of the guests and will guide them to your rooms, comfort them with all the basic necessities so that they don’t feel any trouble throughout the wedding.

· Cost of all the service – Be clear with what services you are taking from your wedding planner and ask about the discounts and offers also. Discuss the mode of payments and all the pricing details prior.

· Staff Members – Know if they have their own staff to work or they outsource staff during the wedding.



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