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Wedding Videographers

Wedding Videographers in Chennai (1)

Creating the most special day of your life deserves to be saved through the lens to cherish those moments forever. For this you need to get a videographer who understands your expectations and knows what theme and approach will satisfy your aspirations. We have a plethora of vendors listed only for you to help you create your dream wedding. So check all the given profiles and find the most suitable for you.




Wedding Videographers Chennai – Record your most precious moments with us

Wedding is the most special day for a groom and his bride. They dream of this day for so long and want that whatever visuals they have in your mind must come into reality. The emotions associated with the day and loved ones is what the couple wants to cherish forever and the best way to remind them is to be able to see through all the emotions all over again in front of your eyes as if you are living that moment today and this can be fulfilled through the videography of the wedding only.

Wedding videography is what makes you feel all those emotions again so it becomes the responsibility of the videographer to shoot all the important moments and include it in their memories. The moments not captured and shot are the moments lost which is a huge disappointment for the couple and their families so you need to get a professional for this work.

All the videographers listed on our website are hand-picked and are professionals with years of experience to provide you the best service.


Types of Videography Chennai

In the modern times of wedding, we have the multiple styles available for the videography and a handful of options to pick from. We have given the most popular styles here to choose.

· Artistic Videography – It includes the uncut videos of the wedding and continuous shots of wedding rituals without any break to shoot all the moments without sparing any. It is a free style videography in which there is no fix pattern.

· Journalistic videography – It is like a documentary video and shows your wedding video narrated like a story with the details of the date, timings and location giving the feels of a real documentary.

· Cinematic Videography Style – Similar to the journalistic videography, it shows the documentary video of the wedding but with the dramatic elements added in it with the edited version using the special software.

· Story-telling Videography – It is the most difficult style of videography in which the story is narrated by a close relative or friend which is played along with the wedding video and all the arrangements are made prior to the wedding to shoot all the angles.

· Highlights Videography – It only contains the major parts of the wedding instead of the traditional recording and with the concern of the couple, it is decided that which shot needs to be included and which can be edited from the final video.

· Pre-wedding Video – This is the trendiest style of all which is very popular among today’s weddings. The couple chooses for the pre-wedding shoot before the wedding to cherish the moments before their big day and to make it more special.

Apart from these above-mentioned styles, the videographers have the knowledge of more styles and trends that you can discuss with them and choose the best one for you.


How to choose the professional?

Choosing a right videographer can make your wedding memorable whereas choosing a videographer who can not fulfill your expectations can put you in trouble. So you must know the important aspects to consider before booking your wedding videographer.

Firstly, you must decide on the budget which you are willing to spend. Then go to and choose Chennai city. A long list of videographers will pop up on screen. All of them are the best chosen with their top services.

You can choose from the list which fits into your budget, then shortlist them. Now, it's time to discuss all the details with the filtered list by calling them or holding a meeting together.

Express what you are expecting and also listen to the suggestions of the professional and then make a comprehensive decision to make the best of the moments on the wedding day.


Things to discuss before booking

Deciding the budget must be the first and foremost step to choose services according to that before booking. Choose Chennai city from the list and the best videographers will be shown to you. Shortlist those who look budget-friendly and are most suitable to you.

Priorly discuss the responsibilities that you are going to put on the videographer. Decide whether the same videographer will record the pre-wedding shoot and all the functions at home and the venue or you are looking to book separate videographers.

Discuss about the payments of the services that you are taking from them and about the other offers that you will be availing from them. Don’t forget to ask if they have drones for aerial videography and equipment to support it.

In case the destination video shoot is far from the locality, ask the videographer about the expenses as if the videographer and their team will pay themselves the travel expenses or you have to pay for it.

If anything else you think needs to be discussed about the big day then do talk about it to avoid any sort of confusion on the wedding day. values your dreams and aspirations. So, we have compiled the best services across Chennai city to provide the best facility.

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